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Macoun Apple Gramercy Penthouse Triple Wick Candle

Sale price$62.00
Extra sweet, juicy, and aromatic, our macoun apple scent captures all of characteristics of its namesake. With a hint of citrus and spice, you'll think it's good enough to take a bite. The Gramercy Penthouse Triple Wick is the largest candle in the signature box collection. It comes in a 26 oz recyclable glass jar and has a 100-110 hour burn time. The Gramercy Penthouse candle is packaged in a beautiful box with a signature lid and box of matches. The large diameter of the candle is perfect to fill up large spaces with your favorite scent. The size and fragrance of each Penthouse Triple Wick Candle are sure to make a statement. Hand-poured in the USA.
Scent Family: Clean
Top Notes: Macoun Apple, Nectarine, Orange.
Mid Notes: Apple Blossom, Clove Leaf.
Base Notes: Applewood

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