Chai Pumpkin Latte Gramercy Penthouse Triple Wick Candle


The Gramercy Penthouse Triple Wick is the largest candle in the signature box collection. It comes in a 26oz recyclable glass jar and has a 110-120 hour burn time. The Gramercy Penthouse candle is packaged in a beautiful box with a signature lid and comes with a signature box of matches. Due to the large diameter of this candle, it provides a wider fragrance throw in large areas. The size and fragrance of each Penthouse Triple Wick Candle are sure to make a statement.

Hand-poured in the USA.

  • Top Notes: Pumpkin, Allspice, Nutmeg
  • Mid Notes: Clove, Chai Tea
  • Base Note: Canela Stick

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