It started with a candle and a dream.


I’m Shane, fragrance ambassador and Founder/CEO of Couture Brands. Our company story begins in 2009 when my obsession for aromatic fragrances drove me to experiment with pouring candles in my then-South Boston kitchen, which soon resulted in our original Fifth & Madison Candle Collection. Throughout that first year, I took Fifth & Madison on the road, driving up to 900 miles to feature our products at girls nights out events across the country.

Shane Nassar

Our Commitment to Our Customers

Shop Couture Brands - About Us
Shop Couture Brands - About Us

We love to spoil our customers. We care about providing you a meaningful and personalized customer experience even after you’ve acquired our products. We pride ourselves on building direct relationships with our customers instead of with buyers or big box companies so we can craft beautiful, quality products based on what YOU want.

We see our customers as our investors and stockholders, and we delight in not having to answer to a board of directors so as to not compromise on our value or excellence. To make sure you get more value for your money, we work one-on-one with frangrancers to develop scents and fly around the world sourcing ethically-made packaging and glassware. Our candles, made with food and cosmetic grade waxes, are poured by hand. We truly make everything with love.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Couture Brands believes we should help fight climate change by reducing our carbon footprint. We are intentional about using recycled materials whenever possible in the development and production of our boxes, papers, and glassware. We encourage you to reuse and repurpose our materials even after you’ve enjoyed our products. Our candle glasses are gorgeous holders for makeup brushes, dried flowers, shells and rocks, or other decorations. Some crafty decoupage can turn our packaging into a special box for a birthday or holiday gift. Get creative and continue to reuse-reduce-recycle!

Shane Nassar

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